Happy Hanukkah

A Hanukkah Twist on Homebrew Shopping

Save money and support Philabundance
this Hanukkah season by spinning our Dreidel.
Starting on Tuesday, December 16, we will be offering each customer the option to play the Dreidel game. Those not familiar with the Dreidel can read the traditional history and rules on Wikipedia.
Our version is similar in which you have the option to spin the top and receive discounts, do nothing, or have to pay a percentage of your bill to go to the Philabundance charity to drive hunger from our communities. Here is the breakdown.

  1. The player decides to take the chance and play.
  2. The player selects either one item on their receipt or their entire purchase to waged.
  3. The player then spins the Dreidel.
  4. The character facing up when it stops spinning decides one of the following:
    • Gimel – 10% off their Choosen wager.

    • Hei – 5% off their Choosen wager.
    • Nun – Nothing
    • Shin – Pay an additional 10% of their Choosen wager.
The extra 10% will be collected and sent to the Philabundance program on Monday, December 26th to aide them in driving hunger from our communities. The odds are in your favor, so why not give it a chance and worse case, you’ve given to a great charity.
And for you South Park Fans 

New Bayou Classic Pro Burners

Super Duty Double Jet Cooker


The Baddest of the bad. Bayou Classic’s new Super Duty Double Jet Cooker is the strongest and hottest burner available. The combined the two best burners (KAB6 & SP2) that we had to make this boiling machine, and it will not disappoint. It has a beefed up frame, high pressure regulator, and double jets to really heat things up!

10″ Banjo Cooker
The Bayou Classic Banjo Cooker is the one you need when you need to bring the heat. It features a huge 10″ cast iron burner, 30 PSI pre-set regulator with control valve, hose guard, and a large 17″ cooking surface to support large pots.

Super Banjo Cooker
The Bayou Classic Super Banjo Cooker is the one you need when you need to bring the heat. Designed to accommodate large stockpots it features a huge 10″ cast iron burner, 30 PSI pre-set regulator with control valve, hose guard, and a huge 22″ cooking surface to support the largest pots.

Bayou Classic Dual Burner Patio Stove
The Dual Burner Patio Stove is perfect for All Grain Brewing when you need a separate kettle for your hot liquor and your boil kettle. This burner is perfect for Parti-gyle brews too! It has two shelves to hold all your brewing accessories, and removable extension legs that raise the height from 13″ to 25″. The shelves fold away for easy storage. The DB375 has dual fry burners and the large 14″ X 28.75″ cooking area is capable of supporting two 60 qt. pots at the same time. It also includes a stainless braided hose with 15 PSI pre-set regulator. We have a demo setup in the store, so come check it out!

Bayou Classic Outdoor Patio Stove
The Outdoor Patio Stove is great for 5+ gallon batches. It features a large 16″ X 16″ Cooking surface that stands 13″ tall on an all welded frame. The SQ14 also includes a 6″ cast iron fry burner and a 36″ stainless braided hose connected to a pre-set 5 PSI regulator. Great all around burner for the cost.

AeroPress Coffee \ Espresso Maker

AeroPress Coffee \ Espresso Maker

We’ve had an AeroPress for a few years, and it’s freaking awesome! So awesome we decided to start carrying it, I mean, if you’re brewing coffee at home, isn’t that considered “homebrew” as well? Also, did you know the company that makes this is also makes the Aerobie, the multiple world records holder for the longest thrown flying disc. Maybe we’ll eventually start carrying them and yo-yos too!  Either way, buy an AeroPress and make good coffee!

Introducing Thermoworks!

Temperature is Everything

Whether it’s controlling your mash temperature or your fermentation temperature, having a precise instrument to measure is the most important part. That’s why Philly Homebrew Outlet is proud to announce the our new line up of high end digital thermometers brought to you by Thermoworks. Thermaworks is the industry leader of Thermometry (yeah, that’s actually a thing) and is an American owned company based out of Utah.

CHEFALARM ® $62.95

Splash-proof design for commercial kitchens
Uses Pro-Series® temperature probes
Includes Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe with cable to 700°F max temp
Adjustable high and low alarms
Always-on Min & Max temperatures
Adjustable volume to 92dB (4 settings)
Includes count-down and count-up timer
Really big digits and a backlight!
Available in 9 colors

Thermapen $99.95

3-second readings!
High accuracy to ±0.7°F (±0.4°C)
Water-resistant design
°F to °C reconfigurable
Auto on/off-no buttons!
1,500 hour battery life

DOT® $41.95

Probe-Style Alarm Thermometer
Ultra simple to use – only 2 buttons
Uses Pro-Series temperature probes
Probe cable survives 700°F
Big digits are seen from a distance
Splash-proof, commercial durability


Measures surface temperature
IP67 Waterproof
Pocket sized
Easy to use, point-and-shoot simplicity
Range to 230°F (110°C)
Switchable °C to °F


New Fermentation Products!

We have a few new products in the store.  They are specialized fermentation products and with a little knowledge and patience can provide some awesome new items to your “Homebrewing Hobby.”

Natural Bread Leaven \ Sour Dough Starter

House produced from wild yeast, this sour dough starter is highly active and produces some extremely delicious bread accompanied with some homemade cultured butter.  If you’re into baking bread, and you typically use commercial yeast, you should try this out.  Fermentation time is typically 3-4 times what commercial yeast is, but in that time, the yeasts, lacto and other friendly bacteria are creating a massive increase in flavor.  Occasionally we will be hosting some homemade bread in the store made with this culture, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter page so you can grab a sample.

Vinegar Mother

Ever wondered where Vinegar came from?  Just like you, it came from it’s Mommy, and we’re selling her at the store now.  It’s really simple to make your own apple cider or red wine vinegar at home.  All you need to do is dilute some red wine with a little water to reduce the acidity, add it to a wide mouth jar, introduce the vinegar mother, and cover with some cheesecloth or a paper towel.  In about 2-3 weeks you’ll have your very own vinegar for salads, or bread dipping.  French fries you say?  How about adding the vinegar mother to one of your amazing IPA’s and have an IPA malt vinegar.  How awesome would that be?

Water Kefir Grains – Tibicos

Water Kefir grains are made up of a culture of bacteria and yeasts held in a polysaccharide biofilm matrix created by the bacteria, also known as a SCOBY.  Added to a slightly sweet liquid, they produce a product similar to Kombucha, but with less of an intense taste.  Fermentation typically takes only 2-3 days, and then can be bottled and primed just like a homebrew beer.  Within days, you will have created a highly carbonated, non-alcholic soda like beverage with a health pro-biotic kick.  It tastes amazing, and it’s great for promoting a healthy gut.  We always have a few bottles that we made laying around, so come in the store and sample some yourself!


Kefir and other Cheese Making Supplies

New Cheese Making Supplies In Stock!
We just recently received a new shipment of cheese making supplies including animal and vegetable rennet and an ALL NEW Kefir starter. According to Wikipedia, “Kefir, keefir, or kephir alternatively Kewra, talai, mudu kekiya, milk kefir, or búlgaros, is a fermented milk drink made with kefir “grains” (a yeast/bacterial fermentation starter) and has its origins in the north Caucasus Mountains.”
Nick once said while walking through an ethnic grocery store, “Why is it that every other culture has fermented milk drinks but us?” Kefir is considered one of the healthiest milk products due to it’s extreme amount of live probiotic cultures even more than yogurt! Blended with a little fruit and honey, kefir makes a quick and healthy breakfast for those on the go.
Also in:
Animal Liquid Rennet
Vegetable Liquid Rennet
Thermophilic culture
Mesophilic culture
Rennet Tablets
Mozzarella Cheese Kits
Chevre (Goat) Cheese Kits
Yellow, Red and Black Cheese Wax
Wax Brushes
And More…

Brewers Best Brew in a Bag Kits


New Brew in a Bag Recipe Kits!
Ready to take the plunge into All-Grain brewing but don’t wanna commit to all the costly equipment?  Then Brew In A Bag is the perfect solution for you.  With all the quality and value you expect from our Brewers Best kits, these kits include yeast, hops, priming sugar, bottle caps, and all the nessicary instructions to start All-Grain brewing TODAY!  All you need is our nylon mesh bag, a 10 gallon kettle, and your other standard equipment.
In Stock Recipe Kits Include:
German Wheat Ale – $31.90
German Pilsner – $37.00
American IPA – $45.00
American Pale Ale – $37.90
Brown Porter  – $36.50

Get Bit By The Bayou

Back by popular demand, Bayou Classic Kettles are in stock and ready to take home.  We’ve found that these are the highest quality and most economical of any other homebrew kettle on the market.  These kettles comes pre-drilled with all weldless fittings including dial thermometer, stainless spigot, stainless bulkhead, and stamped volume gauge.


    • Bayou Classic 8 Gallon Kettle $179.00
    • Bayou Classic 10 Gallon Kettle $198.00
    • Bayou Classic 16 Gallon Kettle $229.00
    • Bayou Classic 10 Gallon False Bottom $54.99
    • Bayou Classic 16 Gallon False Bottom $59.99


Belgian Caramel Wit

Spring is officially here, and it’s been a long time coming.  This winter was one of the roughest in years, but we all survived given plenty of Russian Imperial Stouts and Winter Warmers, but enough about that.  To start of the best homebrew season of the year, we’ve stocked plenty of the highly anticipated, Brewers Best Belgian Caramel Wit.  This beer is a refreshing spring seasonal recipe similar to a classic white ale though slightly darker in color. With the high fermentability of a pound of Simplicity Belgian Candi Sugar and the the rich flavors from caramel malts and honey that complement the spicy characteristics from the yeast. This aromatic and flavorful ale is the perfect welcome to the spring season.
Belgian Caramel Wit
IBU’s: 15 – 20 : OG: 1.058 – 1.062 : ABV%: 5.75 – 6.0

Other Brewers Best Kits for Spring Time Include

IBU’s: 6 – 10 : OG: 1.047 – 1.051 : ABV%: 4.5 – 4.75
American Pale Ale
IBU’s: 32-36 : OG: 1.051 – 1.055 : ABV%: 5 – 5.5
IBU’s: 12-16 : OG: 1.045 – 1.049 : ABV%: 4.5 – 4.75
IBU’s: 25-28 : OG: 1.042 – 1.046 : ABV%: 4.25 – 4.75
India Pale Ale
IBU’s: 45 – 49 : OG: 1.061 – 1.065 : ABV%: 5.75 – 6.25

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”